Hayley & Me: Screencap

Hello, I still alive! Paramore show + Paramore.Org

Woah, how many time without post anything here.
I still visiting Livejournal, but not as much as I used to.

News about my life: I MADE MY DREAM CAME TRUE.

As you can see in my icon, I met Paramore (finally *yay*) they came to Spain for the 1st time last July 11th, and of course, I went, 5 days in the line, I was the 3rd person in the line *_* I won a M&G in the PFC, and, as you can see I SANG WITH PARAMORE ON STAGE! FUCK YEAH. This has been being my dream for... how many? 6 years? YEAH. I was a child when I dreamt about this for the 1st time, I was 13 haha Now I'm 19, so...

Well, other news, I bought the amazing PARAMORE.ORG and I'm SO excited. It's the main paige for a new Paramore fansite, and ParamoreSpain.Com will be the spanish part. So, I know you are crazy about check it out, so don't wait anymore and visit it.
M&TD: Glasses

March Movies

  • 05/03/10: Near Dark - 3/5
  • 07/03/10: The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It - 4/5
  • 08/03/10: Zombieland - 5/5
  • 09/03/10: Shaun of the Dead (Zombie's Party) - 5/5
  • 14/03/10: D.E.B.S - 4/5
  • 20/03/10: 500 Days of summer - 5/5
  • 22/10/10: Whip It - 5/5
  • 27/03/10: Eulogy - 5/5
  • 28/03/10: Cow Belles - 3/5
  • 28/03/10: Miss Congeniality - 4/5